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About the Author

About The Author: Cliff Ratza

Cliff Ratza considers himself a “simple scholar,” having parlayed four degrees (math and physics, business and computer science) into a career spanning many jobs, companies, and industries. He grew up in Chicago, graduating from top Illinois universities, then launched his business career and later returned to Chicago where he teaches at three universities while working for his consulting business clients.

In addition to novels, Cliff’s writing career includes journal articles, newsletters, press releases, and Websites. He dedicates the series to readers everywhere.

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About the Series

Book One – The Girl With The Lightning Brain

"Electra is exceptional. She knows that. And she also knows her extraordinary abilities - the paranormal aftermath of a near-death experience at birth - are secrets that must never be revealed. Her life depends on it."

So begins chapter one in book one of the ground-breaking "Lightning Brain" action-adventure series that extrapolates the latest science, political intrigue, and contemporary lifestyles while tracing the twists and turns in the life of Electra "Kit" Kittner. She grows up in a frightened, intolerant America threatened by "Techno-Plague" and Middle East Terrorism. The action builds relentlessly, from lighter childhood adventures to darker realities caused by America's threats that are exacerbated by a harsh government that would treat her badly if it were to discover what she is. Electra is more than up to the challenge, choosing a career path on which she fights these existential problems.

Readers are invited to enjoy the series at whatever level they choose: from a gripping action-packed thriller all the way to an exploration of the timeless challenges "the human condition" presents each of us. And along the way, be prepared to meet a cast of endearing characters, each having strengths and weaknesses we can empathize with. We welcome you to join us.

Book Two – The Girl Who Electrified The World

About the Book:

“Mrs. T struggled mightily to maintain composure... Her head felt like an overinflated balloon... she had struggled even harder to salvage a rescue mission... to retrieve what’s needed to keep America safe from the Techno-Plague, Middle East Terrorism, and the Guardian Party.”

That is Book Two’s opening paragraph, action exploding from where book one ends, relentlessly terminating old enemies as fast as new ones emerge. Can Electra keep her “secret” hidden while allowing males to play her deadly games as her array of extraordinary skills deepens? You won’t find out until the last line of the last chapter!

Book Three – The Girl Who Commanded Lighting

About the Book:

"The lightning brain had been waging a life-or-death battle against T-Plague virus for the past twenty-four hours... The lightning brain had won, but victory came at a terrible cost; neural entanglement gravely crippled Electra's lightning brain."

Book three picks up where book two's "Death Vigil" ends. The lightning brain must repair itself before Electra can rejoin the battle against the Techno-Plague as well as contend with war raging in Cyberspace directed by a rogue Middle East state allied with China and Russia, all the while dealing- with America's relentlessly harsh government. How the lightning brain and Electra's emergent personalities struggle to win is a page-turning plot, full of action and suspense to the very end!

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