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This action-adventure series, laced with terrorism and political intrigue, constructs from the latest technological and sociopolitical trends one plausible scenario resulting from a viral pandemic occurring early in the 22nd century.

Book One – The Girl With The Lightning Brain

“Electra is exceptional. She knows that. And she also knows her extraordinary abilities – the paranormal aftermath of a near-death experience at birth – are secrets that must never be revealed. Her life depends on it.”

So begins chapter one in book one of the ground-breaking “Lightning Brain” action-adventure series that extrapolates the latest science, political intrigue, and contemporary lifestyles while tracing the twists and turns in the life of Electra “Kit” Kittner. She grows up in a frightened, intolerant America threatened by “Techno-Plague” and Middle East Terrorism.

The action builds relentlessly, from lighter childhood adventures to darker realities caused by America’s threats that are exacerbated by a harsh government that would treat her badly if it were to discover what she is. Electra is more than up to the challenge, choosing a career path on which she fights these existential problems.

Book Two – The Girl Who Electrified The World

“Mrs. T struggled mightily to maintain composure… Her head felt like an overinflated balloon… she had struggled even harder to salvage a rescue mission… to retrieve what’s needed to keep America safe from the Techno-Plague, Middle East Terrorism, and the Guardian Party.”

That is Book Two’s opening paragraph, action exploding from where book one ends, relentlessly terminating old enemies as fast as new ones emerge. Can Electra keep her “secret” hidden while allowing males to play her deadly games as her array of extraordinary skills deepens? You won’t find out until the last line of the last chapter!

Book Three – The Girl Who Commanded Lighting

“The lightning brain had been waging a life-or-death battle against T-Plague virus for the past twenty-four hours… The lightning brain had won, but victory came at a terrible cost; neural entanglement gravely crippled Electra’s lightning brain.”

Book three picks up where book two’s “Death Vigil” ends. The lightning brain must repair itself before Electra can rejoin the battle against the Techno-Plague as well as contend with war raging in Cyberspace directed by a rogue Middle East state allied with China and Russia, all the while dealing- with America’s relentlessly harsh government. How the lightning brain and Electra’s emergent personalities struggle to win is a page-turning plot, full of action and suspense to the very end!

Book Four – The Girl Who Cloned Lighting

This book charges ahead from Book 3’s explosive ending. Electra Kittner – now an Electra-Alisha split personality infected with an STD-like T-Plague mutation – must cure herself first before battling a new set of enemies in Cyber as well as 3-D Space. She must also contend with a relentlessly harsh government as well as random acts of terrorism masterminded by a rogue paramilitary force allied with China and Russia, all interwoven into the fabric of her professional and personal lives fraught with technological and political uncertainties. 

Can she hold adversaries at bay? Find out when you read, and then you’ll know when you reach the very last line of the last chapter.

The Girl with the Lightning Brain Contest #1

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As you know from reading the first book in our series, both Electra and Indira love games and contests. So does the author, and he invites you to play along as you immerse yourself in the world that emerges when you read the books. So, here’s our first contest.

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On page 406, Indira tells Electra in a dream sequence, “You want love, and now that you have Christi’s you have inherited the outcome of an ancient Chinese proverb: Be careful of what you wish for because it may come true.” Before departing Indira says, “I shall leave you with this question: What two Chinese proverbs are often quoted with the one I mentioned earlier? Awaken now and stay on your chosen path.”

The Girl who electrified the world Contest #2

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Here’s our second contest.

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A wheelchair is used by Electra and Robin in book number two of the Lightning Brain Series. There are any number of iconic movies featuring wheelchair-bound characters. Can you name two movies and their featured characters who needed wheelchairs? If you can, and if you can think of an analogy between their use and that of Electra or Robin, you can win our contest!


Hello, Readers. It’s game time once again!

Here’s our  third contest.

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It's a three-part question:
1. In "THE GIRL WHO COMMANDED LIGHTNING," what television series is mentioned for devising clever intercontinental travel?
2. What is the name of the person who arranges Electra's trip?
3. What is the codename Electra selects?


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Here’s our fourth contest.

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It's a two-part question: 1. In "The Girl Who Cloned Lightning," what three Native American Indian tribes does Electra visit?
2 What businesses does Hud set up on some of the Indian reservations?

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Exceptionally written, unputdownable book! It deals with what is real. A literary oeuvre cleverly wrapped in an action-adventure thriller.
book reviewer
Copious plot and character development... steady-paced... protagonists physical attributes showcased.
Kirkus Review
book reviewer
Ending offers resolution for at least one subplot... fantastic cliffhanger that will leave readers yearning for the next book.
Kirkus Review
book reviewer
Sparkling dialogue and emotive imagery captivate.
Dream Merchant
Production editor
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