Profound Debut Thriller a Page Turner

Meet Electra Kittner, the extraordinary protagonist in “The Girl with the Lightning Brain” author Cliff Ratza’s first novel in the “Lightning Brain Series.” She survives at birth a near-fatal lightning bolt that transforms her genetically far beyond “mere humans,” but her secret must never be revealed or the Government would treat her badly. This gripping action adventure, laced with terrorism and political intrigue, sweeps readers into a 22nd century intolerant America threatened by “Techno-Plague” and a rogue Middle East state: Isilabad. It traces Electra’s exceptional life, from birth to a shocking conclusion on her 21st birthday, that will leave readers breathless for the next book in the series. Ratza’s writing is flawless, seamlessly weaving threads and characters from Electra’s past into an ominous present where she covertly combats America’s existential threats. Along the way, readers will encounter distinctive friends or foes bound to generate well-deserved empathy or enmity.

Lightning Brain Series

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