The Girl with the Lightning Brain Contest #1

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As you know from reading the first book in our series, both Electra and Indira love games and contests.  So does the author, and he invites you to play along as you immerse yourself in the world that emerges when you read the books.  So, here’s our first contest.


On page 406, Indira tells Electra in a dream sequence, You want love, and now that you have Christi’s you have inherited the outcome of an ancient Chinese proverb: Be careful of what you wish for because it may come true.”  Before departing Indira says, “I shall leave you with this question: What two Chinese proverbs are often quoted with the one I mentioned earlier?  Awaken now and stay on your chosen path.”


If you would like to enter the contest, please fill out the form and click the Enter Contest #1 Button.  The first three correct answers (in chronological order) will be awarded Starbucks eGift Cards ($100  $75  $50).  The contest runs for one month following the date of its posting on the LightningBrainSeries Website, or until at least 250 people have entered.  Correct answers will be posted when the contest ends, at which time the eGift Cards will be sent.


Thanks again for reading!