About the “Lightning Brain Series”

Welcome to our Lightning Brain Series Website.  This action-adventure series, laced with terrorism and political intrigue, constructs from the latest technological and sociopolitical trends one plausible scenario resulting from a viral pandemic occurring early in the 22nd century.  The first book has just been published, two more are awaiting publication, and three more are being developed.  They are written for today’s busy readers and can be enjoyed on whatever level is desired:

  • Gripping action-packed thriller
  • Glimpse into a plausible near-term future
  • Insight into dealing with the “human condition”
  • Illustrative optimistic and pragmatic worldview philosophy
  • Fast-paced emotive narrative and imagery

The Series theme is this: no matter how extraordinary the person, anyone can become a victim in a primitive world that can’t handle the truth, and each of us must deal with the complexities of being “merely human,” best handled with an optimistic and pragmatic philosophy.

About The Author: Cliff Ratza

Cliff Ratza considers himself a “simple scholar,” having parlayed four degrees (math and physics, business and computer science) into a career spanning many jobs, companies, and industries.  He grew up in Chicago, graduating from top Illinois universities, then launched his business career and later returned to Chicago where he teaches at three universities while working for his consulting business clients.

In addition to novels, Cliff’s writing career includes journal articles, newsletters, press releases, and Websites.  He dedicates the series to readers everywhere.